Romance with Salman only in reel life: Asin

In Bollywood, instant success for any actress comes at the price of cheap gossip and rumours of alleged involvement with actors. Ghajini girl Asin learned this the hard way. She is just one film old in Bollywood and rumors are abuzz about her relationship, favours and proximity with her co-stars. She herself admits that she is yet to get used to gossip about her.

We asked her about her friendship with Salman which is the latest gossip going around in the industry, and Asin said, “Gossip about me and Salman is all rubbish. I have a lot fun working with the whole crew of London Dreams and it’s great working with Salman and Ajay Devgan. Whatever romance exists between Salman and me is in reel life.”

Asked if Aamir introduced her to Salman she says, “That’s not correct at all. Aamir has never introduced me to Salman. In fact neither Aamir nor Salman promote me or recommend me for any film. Whatever I have today is because of Ghajini, which is a huge hit. I am equally hopeful about London Dreams. I hope I will get another warm response from the audience.”

Asked about the ‘threat’ she poses to other established actresses, she says, “I don’t feel threatened by others nor I am a threat to anyone. When people compare me with actresses like Rani Mukhjee, it’s a great recognition. I feel very good that I am only one film old in the industry and people are comparing my performance with established actresses of the industry. I have a great regard for everyone in Bollywood.”

Coming back to her relationship with Salman and more importantly with the lady in his life at the moment, Asin says, “I don’t know Katrina Kaif much as a person.”

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