Asin’s only man in her life

The missy wouldn’t have imagined her life would take a hectic spell with busy days and sleepless nights. And now stepping into Bollywood, things are happening Asin’s way as she’s there on top-of-world with her debut ‘Ghajini’ making high waves at box office. At the moment, the actress is busy shooting for Salman Khan’s ‘London Dreams’ starring Salman Khan in the lead role along with Ajay Devgan.

Ask her who’s the best Khan? Salman Ya Aamir? ‘Mujhe Dhono Pasandh Hai’ is her only answer who continues adding ‘both of them have their unique potentials that makes them superstars. Of course, Shah Rukh Khan is yet another biggie with charismatic appeal’. The Ghajini-girl would be spotted extremely glamorous in Sallu’s flick.

And how about her personal life?

‘Well, we are a small family and I am elated to remain with my dad and mum. My father takes care of my career and my parents know my dreams and potentials’. So is there a favorite man – ‘My dad is the only man in my life’ adds the Mallu girl who hasn’t been to her hometown for past one year.

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