Ghajini girl Asin looking for true love

Ghajini girl Asin may have found success, but she is still searching for love. She is a beautiful 23-year-old actress and yet, love has somehow eluded her. When asked if she has a boyfriend, Asin says she has never fallen in love with anyone. “No, I don’t have any boyfriend right now. In fact I haven’t fallen in love till now. So I was never engaged to anyone in the past,” she said.

So what about the present? “Of course, I am searching. But it’s not like I am leaving all my work behind to search for love. It’s good if I get someone of my choice while moving ahead in my career. Work is my first and foremost priority. Everything else comes later,” she replies.

When it comes to choosing a boyfriend Asin says that she doesn’t have any preconceived notions about his look, profession or family background. “I am quite open in this regard. I don’t have anything very rigid or fixed in my mind. I really am like the girl I play in Ghajini,” she said.

She feels lucky to be among the very few actress who got success so early in their career. “I am fortunate to get an opportunity to work with Aamir in my first film. My next film London Dreams is yet another big project.”

With big films, she has become a hot favourite of the gossip column too. According to rumor mongers she has already started acting very pricey and throwing tantrums to the people around her. Asin, however, has denied all that. At the moment she is shooting for London Dreams opposite Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan.

Currently, Asin is living in the glory of Ghajini which is one of the biggest hits of 2008. Money and films have started pouring in post Ghajini, but as someone rightly said, money can’t buy you love.

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