The perfect pedicure

Want to know the secret to gorgeous looking feet? Shoe shopping! Trust us – it’s true. We spoke to the ultimate pedicurefoot care goddesses at Margaret Dabbs to find out exactly how to nail the perfect DIY pedicure for feet that look pretty – all year long!

If you’re battling with the thought of exposing your tootsies to the outside world after safely storing them away in winter boots, then fear not. We have expert tips from the team at Margaret Dabbs on how to revive your feet and transform them from crusty and drab to soft, peachy and totally sandal-worthy.

And if you didn’t know, Margaret Dabbs is footcare royalty. Renowned celebrity foot expert, QVC and GMTV regular and boasting several destination clinics for all things foot related if there’s anything worth knowing about feet, then the Margaret Dabbs team have got it sorted.

There are some hard and fast rules when it comes to having beautiful feet – and it all starts with your skin. There’s no point having beautifully painted nails if the rest of your foot looks prehistoric.

We spoke to Tamara Igerias, podiatrist and all round foot expert at leading medical pedicure institution, Margaret Dabbs, to discover the secrets to healthy beautiful feet – and nails!

Don’t file your feet when they’re wet

One common misconception is that to have beautiful soft skin on your feet, you need to soak them. While it can be easier to slough away skin when it’s wet, it’s actually not the best way to tackle a build up of hard skin. Rather the secret to having smooth, soft feet is filing them regularly – making sure you do so when feet are clean and dry.

Tamara says: “It’s much better to file skin on your feet when they are dry as the skin is in it’s natural state.”
Really, it makes sense – the file will have a much better grip and when your feet are dry you can also better identify areas of hard skin that might require some extra exfoliating attention.

Invest in a good quality foot file that won’t snap when you apply a bit of pressure on those tough edges. Margaret Dabb’s Professional Foot File is a goodie as it’s made with stainless steel (nice and durable) and comes with replaceable pads (they’re made with compressed crystals) to slough off those pesky layers of dead skin cells.

Do keep your feet hydrated

The next secret to beautiful feet is to keep them hydrated – regularly. Tamara says: “Most people only start worrying about moisturising their feet when it comes to summer, but you should be taking care of your feet all year round.”

The trick is to get a skincare habit. Tamara suggests that after you’ve put your night cream on that you moisturise your feet before going to sleep. Some foot creams can be too rich and sticky so a foot lotion is a good compromise as they absorb more quickly yet still hydrate the feet.

Source: Sofeminine

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