Masumeh: The new dance diva!

Masumeh is a multi-talented personality. Besides having thoroughly mastered the traditional Kathak dance from gurus like Roshan of Jaipur gharana, Viru Krishnan of Lucknow gharana and Sunaina Hazarilal from the Banaras gharana, the actress has been equally well versed with the dance art form of the West viz; Salsa and other Latin American dances.

“I have also mastered the art of Jazz and Tap dance and have been trained under the guidance of Oscar Fernendez,” Masumeh says smiling.

Masumeh is currently mastering the art of belly dancing. She is taking lessons from Veronica Simas de Souza Rosa.

Masumeh feels that belly dancing is the most sensous and sexy form of dance art.

Masumeh informs, “Belly dancing involved muscle movements and breathe control. I realized that unlike other forms of dance art that involve leg movements, belly dancing was more about muscle control especially around the hip, stomach and the chest. The subtle movements of the hips, stomach and chest make your muscles flexible. It also involves breathe control and is something very similar to pranayam. I would say belly dancing is a wonderful form of exercise too. In fact it has helped me cut down oodles of weight.”

Just when you think Masumeh would not have anything more to say, she grins and adds, “I am an ace at Karate, Sword fighting and Kickboxing too.”

Now didn’t we just say that she was a multi-talented personality!

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