Check in to a wedding with a clutch

As the wedding season kicks into high gear, women are flocking to their tailors, designers and shoe stores to get their ensemble in order. The bag, plays as pivotal a role in making or breaking your look. But buying the right clutch can be a difficult process and it comes with a set of dilemmas. How many items should one carry that can fit into an envelope-sized clutch? What is the right color to choose? Should a clutch match or contrast?

The Express Tribune talked to designers and make-up artists for their advice on the clutch dilemma.

The bride’s bag

Designer Shehla Chatoor, who also creates accessories, says, “It depends on the bridal outfit. If it is a traditional gharara then the traditional batwa will do. Chatoor says brides wearing outfits such as farshi ghararas should avoid clutches. “When I do bridal joras, I make sure that I do part of the embroidery on the batwa. For a bride wearing a modern dress a clutch with diamantes will work.”

Accessory designer Mahin Hussain says, “Brides need to change their mindset. A bag should have an edge; it should be a design and a thought. Not an orange bag with an orange outfit! The bag should actually be in a contrasting color.”

The guest’s bag

Chatoor says, “They can get away with anything formal, even a simple clutch. With a peshwaz and churidar pyjamas a batwa will be a perfect combination, not a leather clutch!”

“Guests carry those ugly little clutches with diamantes on them,” says Hussain. “They should realize that these bags are no longer part of the international fashion scene. I wonder where did their imagination go, was it locked up for the wedding season? The bag should be
somewhat glittery and have bling and shine to it but please get out of the diamante mode and rexine bags. That is boring and needs to go out of the window. The guests need to jazz up a little for the wedding season.”

What’s in the bag?

Make-up artist Rukaiya Adamjee of Rukaiya’s Salon says, “My bride needs nothing to carry in her bag, nothing at all.”

Stylist Raana Khan of Raana Khan’s Studio says, “A bride must always have tissues, lip shiner and perfume in her bag.”

Wedding guests

Adamjee says a guest’s must-haves should include “face powder, lipstick, a small perfume bottle and maybe a blush.”

Given the winter season, Khan says the bag must have a hair brush, moisturizer and a lipstick.”

Our recommendations

•     Lipstick

•     Tissues

•     A small mirror


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