Cushions – Functional and Fashionable


There are an almost infinite number of cushions available on the market today; from floral patterns, to silk cushions to duck-feather filled cushions. Not only can they brighten up any room, but cushions are functional in supporting the lower back area, making them the perfect house accessory.


The cushions main purpose is to provide lumbar support to the person using it. It is positioned behind them, most probably on a sofa of arm chair, and helps improve and maintain good posture in this position. The level of support provided by the cushion, as well as its length of life, depends largely upon what it is filled with. The most expensive but best quality filling is duck feather. This provides solid support and when plumped regularly, the cushions keep their shape for a long time. However, the main downfall of the duck feather cushion is that they are not suitable for people with allergies. The more modestly priced micro fibre filling is therefore preferred in most households as it holds its shape well, is machine washable and hypoallergenic. Of course, the insert that you like the most and feels most comfortable to you is the one that you should opt for.


The fashions of interior design change as often as clothing fashions, but can be much more difficult to keep up with due to the perceived expense of re-vamping your house every few months. However, a modernisation of your home does not need to be expensive; adding or replacing a few cushions can completely change the look of a room and give it a fashionable and edgy look.

Cushions are available in a number of colours and styles including floral cushions, patterned cushions, plain cushions, silk cushions and cotton cushions amongst many others; the choice really is endless. The addition of a few brightly coloured or interesting cushions can change the look of even the most plain room décor. Similarly, there are a number of cushions for sale which are decorated with artistic patterns or motifs, adding character to even the most muted decoration.

Cushions are relatively cheap to purchase, meaning that you can re-vamp your home at little cost. The benefit of having on-trend cushions far outweighs the cost and ensures that your home is in-keeping with the latest fashions.

Cushions therefore are a necessary addition to any home; they provide practical support for your back, as well as looking great. The fact that they are relatively inexpensive to buy means that you can change and update them when appropriate, including to match changing fashions or because the filling is no longer supportive.


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