Creating the Perfect Study Environment

study-room-furnitureMany of us with busy schedules and daunting tasks of meeting deadline, school or college assignments, workaholics who bring work home or that someone who works from home, needs a comfortable and stress free environment.

A conducive work environment at home will not only help you to be more productive, it will save considerable time to meet your deadlines. The furniture settings and placement, the right table for the laptop or desk computer, correct lighting, storage facility for papers, files and reference books and the type of work chair for long sittings attribute towards creating a perfect study.

Here are some basic tips to get you started:

• Arrangement:

An ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped setting for your workstation helps to optimize space. Your work table should consist of a table for your laptop or desk computer. Preferable a set of drawers would provide easy access to trivial stationary items; a built-in cabinet for your CPU and a basic computer chair on wheels for easy access and efficiency.

• Work Chair:

Comfort is the deciding factor to pick the correct type of chair for your study table. For those who tend to work long hours everyday, it is important to buy a fully adjustable chair with a sturdy backrest for posture and back support, reclining for adjustment to help relieve pressure on the spine and a swivel mechanism for freedom of movement to pick books and papers within reach. An arm rest benefits to relieve neck and shoulder tension.

• Storage:

Built-in shelves for books, computer software and personal items etc within reach of the computer table is an excellent space saving choice. Storage bins and modular furniture affixed to the wall for easy access can also be used. To manage loose paper and stationary, use cane trays at the side of the table, help to keep the place ‘clutter-free.’

• Lighting:

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  1. wow that really looks comfortable, they say that the walls should at least be painted by yellow too keep the awareness of the one who is studying…

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