Light Up Your Life With Feng Shui

Light Up Your Life With Feng Shui

Light Up Your Life With Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced Foong Shway or Fung Shoy) is the ancient Chinese art of luck management, which works by maximising the flow of energy (known as ‘Chi’) in your environment. Every object, inanimate or living, possesses its own energy field and also has an affect on the flow of Chi in your environment.

The orientation and layout of your home, garden or business and its contents can impact your career, personal relationships, health and wealth. Whilst observing the basic rules of Feng Shui can greatly enhance your lifestyle, ignoring its principles can similarly bring misfortune and sorrow.

The most familiar method of Feng Shui is the compass method works on the principle of each sector of your house falling into a different area of your life, depending on its orientation. These sectors are identified by placing an octagonal, nine-sectioned diagram over a plan of your home. This diagram is known as the Ba Gua and is always aligned with the wall containing the front door or main entrance to the premises, with the compass points corresponding to those of the house directions. For example, if your front door faces North, then you should place the Ba Gua diagram on a plan of your property with the North sector (relating to career) aligned with the front door.

In the business environment, Feng Shui increases productivity and profitability, improves the health of its employees, enhances the company’s reputation, protects from insolvency and helps you to recognise and exploit opportunities as they arise.

Clearly, not all houses are uniformly square and the front door is not always centrally placed. In these situations, you will find that some of the sectors of the Ba Gua may be missing, indicating trouble in that particular area of a person’s life. However, steps can be taken to redress the imbalance like placing a bright light on the wall close to the missing sector to counteract the negative effects caused by areas that are lacking.

Feng Shui is a complex art, but there are simple rules that everyone can observe to help bring harmony into their lives by increasing the flow of positive energy in their environment and using effective lighting is one of the best ways of achieving this. Light is a very powerful tool in Feng Shui and the way in which you illuminate your home or office influences the impression that you create, including the shape, size and style of lighting that you choose.

There are many different types of lighting including decorative, accent, ambient, task and functional, with the most effective lighting schemes being a combination of all these. Accent light can be used to highlight a picture or display cabinet, ambient light can highlight dark corners and task light is used to throw a spotlight onto focused areas, such as a work desk.

A chandelier is one of the few all-round excellent Feng Shui energisers. The crystals in the chandelier reflect light beautifully, bringing in added glow and warmth. Hanging chandeliers in the southern corner of any room is beneficial and a chandelier in the Southwest corner of your home is wonderful if you wish to invite romance into your life or stimulate a current relationship! The Southwest sector relates to marriage and using pastel coloured lampshades with subdued lighting in this area can achieve the same effect.

You can invite excellent energy into your home by installing bright lights just inside and outside the front door are excellent, which for maximum benefit should be left on during the hours of darkness. Good lighting also helps stimulate the general flow of energy and is one of the best accessories for promoting balance and harmony within the home.

Lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance your environment. The right lighting can make small or uninviting areas feel alive, welcoming and tranquil. Lighting is a simple way of adding colour to a scheme, whether it is through choice of lamp base, shade or bulb. Investing in good quality lighting can also be a more economical alternative to major redecoration or the purchasing of expensive new furnishings.

Invest in a variety of stylish lighting and watch your health, prosperity and wellbeing flourish.


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