Effects of Waxing

Effects of Waxing

Effects of WaxingMany people are in doubt that waxing hair removal method optimizes the hair growth than other hair removing methods. Let us come out of these doubts and read some informative discussion regarding the effects of waxing hair removal method.

Waxing hair removal works on very different premises than other hair removal methods. Waxing removes hair from roots. For waxing, a thin layer of warm wax is spread on the skin and then strip of cloth is firmly applied to the area from where hair are to be removed. Sugaring is also same as that of waxing and has same results. Both waxing and sugaring give same results and hair free zone that lasts for two weeks to two months.

Many people have doubts regarding waxing and sugaring methods of hair removal and some scientific research is being done to satisfy their doubts. Two skins were taken for test one was shaved and other one was cleared from hair with wax. It was observed after 10 days that hair were grown on the skin that was shaved but the skin that was waxed was still free from hair.

It is proved that waxing doesn’t affect or enhances hair growth but it has some other side effects that are discussed here. First and most common side effect of waxing is that it is very painful in first trials. It also reduces elasticity of skin after a period of time and results in wrinkles. It also causes skin rashes and redness in some skin types. Sometimes it also causes allergic problems but many people are satisfied with this method of hair removal.


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