How to stay beautiful in the summer

Summer is approaching and it’s time to flaunt your curves! Keep all wool socks and winter coats in the back of your closet and replace them with bright tops, shorts and a whole lot of the attitude of summer. But before going to the beach, there are several summer beauty must-haves that you should have in your arsenal, so no matter where you are, you will be oh-so-beautiful!

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreens are definitely at the top of the list must be summer! It is the only way to protect from the elements of the sun’s rays. Remember, however, it is always best to stay in the shade. Too much sun exposure can cause severe burns (and premature aging). Do not forget to moisturize! Drink plenty of water because the weather can be so hot, it can suffer heat stroke.

2. Mineral Sunscreen face

Do not you hate when your face gets very oily during the summer? Not only want to have a product that can protect your skin and make you look less fat at the same time? Well, here’s your answer: Mineral facial sunscreen! This type of sunscreen usually comes in a container filled with a brush attachment. You now have the freedom to hide your face without looking all bright and shiny. They come in different shades smoked, or can opt for translucent.

3. Bronzer

Let’s be realistic. You can not scream summer in the face without putting on some sunscreen. Apply a little of this product in the face, and instantly a flash of summer. Choose a product that has orange too, because it probably will not want to look like a fruit. Contour, choose a matte bronzer rather than shiny.

4. Nail polish

A window of good color on the nails can certainly help you prepare for the summer. Choose bright colors like pinks, reds, oranges and corals. The nail polish on her footsies be better compared with their hands because your hands do a lot of work. For me personally choose the aqua colors on my toenails.

5. SPF lip balm

Warm weather can dehydrate lips. And so, in addition to stock up on good ol H2O ‘, apply some lip balm on your lips. This will prevent getting chapped lips. It also protects from the harmful rays. Try to find one with SPF 15.


Summery fruity lotions will certainly help you get in the mood for summer. Try to find one that is quickly absorbed. Stay away from very thick cream, or you feel all greasy. Apply only after a shower, so your body can absorb all of its incredible moisturizing properties.

7. Foot Scrub

Your footsies need love too. During the warmer seasons, it is illogical to use the thick winter boots. Put them in the back of the closet and say hello to very thong sandals and wedges. For you to get your footsies ready for summer, try rubbing your feet at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

8. Tanners Vacation

At the risk of cancer and premature aging, one has to think twice before exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Tanning beds are not safe too. Instead, try applying a sunless tanner on your skin. You can apply a little in the face, or legs can be applied in a blaze of summer in general.

9. Scrub

Before applying sunless tanner, make sure you exfoliate your skin. Helps remove dead skin cells and helps to absorb the product. You can use a scrub, or use a loofah. During the shower, rub your body with circular movements (helps improve blood flow to the skin glow.) Use two or three times a week. In my case, I do it every day.

10. Razors / Wax / Depilatory

Before going to the beach, make sure you have a flawless skin by removing unwanted hair. Use a shaving lotion that can give your skin the moisture it needs. The hair conditioner is also a great alternative.

And so with these summer must have beauty in mind, which certainly allows you to prepare for the summer. Say goodbye to the pale, opaque appearance and showed in that healthy bronze glow!


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