For a healthy & strong relationship

For maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with your spouse try to follow the following advice from some people interviewed for the conclusion.


The quickest path to a man’s heart is through his ego. “The other day, my lady told me she thought I was sexy. That was so cool! I’d never heard that before and it blew me away!” says a school teacher from Karachi. An immigration consultant from Islamabad agrees: “The most romantic thing in the world is for you to be in awe of your man’s skills – whether it’s his ability to make people laugh, perform at sports, fix things, or retrieve and display mysterious knowledge. Let him ‘wow’ you,” he says.

Dark Chocolate.

“Milk chocolate is for kids. Dark chocolate is for lovers,” says Furqan- an aspiring model, who explains that dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa, which means it has more phenylethylamine, a chemical that mimics the feeling you have when you’re in Love.

Hard-to-find Gifts.

A fresh BBA graduate-Amaar says that a gift that requires some effort is sure to be a big hit with your guy. “Men and Women tend to express love differently. Women are usually the more nurturing types and tend to think of romance in terms of ‘soft touches’ while men express love in more practical ways,” says Amaar.

You, in his clothes.

“Come to the dinner table wearing my button-down dress shirt. Now that’s romance! ” Says a 9 to 6 banker from Karachi.

Funny movies.

“A lot of people says that shared values or goals are what make a relationship work,” says Saif. A young law associate. “But to me it’s a shared sense of humor. If you like Marx Brothers and your partner doesn’t, then it’s simply not going to work,” he says. “When you can find someone to laugh with, then you know you’re really connecting.”

A great memory.

It is always superb to know that someone cherishes the time spent with you. “I went to my fiancé’s office and saw that she had a picture of us on vacation in Kaalaam ” says a handsome Lahore construction worker. “Little thing like that just make you feel great.”

An old-fashioned night on the town.

A GSM service Manager is Islamabad says that he isn’t a huge romantic, but he admits that a formal ball makes him pretty gooey. “You’re surrounded by well-dressed couples of all ages knowing how to dance. This gives the effect of being in a romantic movie about old New York. Plus, it’s a little disorienting with all that spinning around, which puts you in a dream like state,” he says.

Tall buildings.

Because in general guys just like big stuff but also because taking in such a huge view can put life into perspective. “The tremendous view of the city with all its light is not only awesome in its own right, but accentuates the essential smallness of the individual person.” Says a multinational employee Saamir. “Thus humbled, it is most comforting to realize, at that instant, you’re not alone in the world.”

Surprise intimacy.
“We like surprise when you subconsciously hold our bicep while walking or fix our hair in a crowd. We also like beaches, bed-and-breakfasts, and when you sit close to us at a dinner party.” Says a writer from Lahore.

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