Eyeglasses for my face

Eyeglasses for your face

Eyeglasses for my faceIf for some, the announcement of wearing glasses is a tragedy, for others it is an opportunity to refine their look. Yeah, today, even celebs wear glasses of pure vanity, that’s how they made themselves a place among the fashion accessories! But the eye is delicate, showy as the nose on the Figure, we’d better choose them out. Just like the hairstyle, glasses are chosen according to face shape. Round, oval, square, triangular, …. morphologies and inevitably vary from one to the other forms of suitable frames too.

In general and contrary to what one might think, this is going to “reverse” the shape of his face rather than trying to get closer. It explains, with a square face, one tends to choose a rectangular frame lines all angles, with a round face, a rounded frame, etc. … and we have it all wrong!
Rather than accentuate predominant features of your face with glasses that recall the shape, choose a shade better mark the highlight.

Thus, a rather square face is accented by frames with gentle curves: rounded or oval.
A round face glasses prefer rectangular rather than rounded corners.
A face rather long avoided frames too small and thin, while a triangular face, ie with large temples but very pronounced chin, thin glasses just prefer the shape may be round or rectangular.
Finally, oval faces are not difficult to “dress” because they are usually set off by all forms of mounts.

Do not choose your glasses alone, bring a friend who can give advice because sometimes difficult to judge the effect of a frame on our own face.
Then, the shape of frames: rectangular, oval, round, … is one thing, but make sure also that width, height and branches are also a perfect fit.
Thus, the top of the frame can not hide or cover the eyebrows but emphasize and respect the form. The branches should not compress the temples and the width of the frame should fit the width of the temples. The bottom of the frame can not touch the cheeks.
Finally, the space for the nose should be perfectly suitable, neither too broad nor too narrow.

Side and color?
It’s like clothes or makeup, choose a frame in which color suits your complexion and your eyes. The subdued colors are the easiest to wear, they agree to any outfit and you get tired less quickly. But if you prefer to opt for flashy glasses, make sure the color does not tarnish your iris and does not clash with your complexion.
Generally dark eyes agree with all the colors, bright eyes, they are rather enhanced by the pale shades that illuminate the eye.


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