Hair sense

Gorgeous hair is easy … with the right tools, says beauty therapist and naturopath Nirmala Shetty

Unlike your skin your hair cannot repair itself. That’s why you need to care for it and protect it – for the state of your hair reflects your internal health. To revive your hair’s natural health and shine, follow this:

  • Keep your scalp clean and cool.
  • Nutrients are the key to healthy hair, but to be effective, they must reach the roots. So, whatever you use, you must learn to massage it in well, using the pads of your fingers.
  • Tension in the scalp or fatty deposits block blood circulation, drying the sebum and thus starving the hair roots. So, message scalp with a god oil to improve circulation and free the hair roots of dry sebum.
  • Make a pre-shampoo conditioner with natural herbs like henna, ‘shikakai’, neem, sandalwood, ‘amla’ and ‘brahmi’ and add curd and eggs to it. Apply to scalp to beat dryness and lend bounce to otherwise limp and dull hair.
  • Follow a balanced diet rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, the essentials for healthy hair. Especially good are iron, sulphur, zinc-B complex and vitamin C.

Herb it out!
Treat specific hair conditions the herbal way:
Dry hair

Message well with a herbal oil at least twice a week. Follow a diet rich in zinc. Use a mild herbal shampoo and avoid harsh ones since the chemicals in them can strip hair of its outer protein layer, further drying the scalp. Do not use electric curlers and hair drayers.
Oily hair

Wash hair every alternate day and rinse out with lemon. Use oils and shampoos rich in need and henna. A head massage with a herbal oil helps maintain the pH level of the scalp. Avoid oily foods and binge on green leafy veggies and fruits.


Message scalp with essential oils like rosemary, cedar, lemon and eucalyptus to reduce flaking and itchiness of the scalp. ‘Methi’ seeds are also helpful in fighting dandruff. Soak them overnight, grind the next morning, mix in the juice of need leaves and apply on the scalp. Avoid fatty foods and red meat.

Hair fall

A diet lacking in zinc, minerals, proteins, vitamins and B-complex. Excessive body hat, stress and tension, hormonal imbalance, thyroid imbalance, prolonged illness and excessive medication. The chemicals used in perming lotions and hair colourants. They are all responsible for hair loss. The remedy: Change your diet to include healthy food; massage hair with essential oils and treat hair to nourishing packs.


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