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High Or Low Heeled Shoes?


High-Heeled Shoes

Neither men nor women could deny that female wearing high-heeled shoes look sexy, elegant and very feminine. Most men would like to see women wearing high heels every single day. What do women think about it? Ones are for it and really wear it everyday while the others are against and never wear them.

Actually, none of them are right. There has to be balance between everything. High heeled shoes basically serve as a style detail. When a woman wants to look elegant, sexy or simply more feminine, she wears high heels, because it’s the easiest way to achieve the effect.

It makes legs look longer and thinner. Moreover, it changes the whole body carriage.

She straightens and her steps are smaller, therefore she looks graceful. Wearing high heels is definitely the best way to expose the beauty of a woman’s body. However, there are many myths about the damage high heeled shoes may cause.

Are they true? Not all, but some are. It’s rather logical that wearing high heels every single day may cause some damage, for your feet are deformed all the time. Foot pain at the end of a day is just the smallest problem. Wearing such shoes daily may cause serious knee and back problems. It’s not just about pain.

Sometimes even an operation is necessary to fix the damage.

Low-Heeled Shoes

When it comes to low-heeled shoes everything is rather simple-it’s comfortable.

Choosing right low heeled shoes will also make your legs look nice, not that nice, but if what you seek is comfort low heels are definitely for you.

It won’t cause any damage to your feet and you won’t feel pain at the end of the day. The only thing that you can miss while wearing low heels is grace.

If you’re not a dancer, be sure your body won’t be as straight and you won’t move smoothly as you would while wearing high heels.

But is comfort always the most important thing? Wearing high heels assures you elegance and grace, which is very important for such special occasions as dates, meetings or parties.

You would be surprised what power this small detail has. There are always some compromises.

Wear low heeled shoes while you are walking, go shopping, going out with your friends or anytime you don’t want or need to make a good impression or expose your feminine looks.

But why not showing your grace and elegance when you are having a date, meeting, when you want to make a good impression or simple find a boyfriend.

No matter it is low or high-heeled shoes, the most important thing is to buy comfortable and suitable shoes. Don’t buy too big or too small ones only because they are beautiful.

Search for the ones that you like and that fit your feet perfectly, especially if it’s high heeled ones. They are already harming your leg. So if they doesn’t suit your feet, the effect is even worse.

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