Summer Fashion Disasters

Summer Fashion Disasters

Summer Fashion DisastersHere are some pointers on how to not get arrested by the fashion police this Summer by Momina Sibtain.

Colour coordination

Just like the rule for denim on denim — big no-no, unless you get the contrast right — a fully coordinated outfit is tacky and boring. If you are wearing a blue outfit, do not pair it with blue shoes and blue earrings. Just like rules of fashion imply that one shouldn’t pair black shoes with a brown belt, a colour coordination overload is another fashion taboo. Even though white is the colour of the season, it is disastrous to pair white shoes with a white outfit. White shoes can work beautifully when paired with a colourful outfit.

Kurtas over jeans

This is one trend (read dead end) the fashionably challenged never understand. Kurtas over jeans is neither flattering nor trendy. Before you exclaim “But they’re comfy!”, know that essentials like sweatpants make the cut when it comes to comfort — not this kurta-jeans disaster. Just like you wouldn’t dare walking out of your bedroom in a T-shirt and shalwar, kurtas over jeans will not fly. Jeans are supposed to be worn with tops, shirts and T-shirts — not with dresses or kurtas.

No flip flops at the office

While the summer is all about taking it easy, it is unattractive to see someone walk into a professional environment or formal meeting wearing flip-flops. Pakistani shoe designers have started embellishing their flip-flops heavily, but this doesn’t mean you can wear them to work, especially in a corporate environment. Invest in a pair of wedges, floaters or sandals that strap around the back of your feet. Charles and Keith is the best place to start looking for these items.

Excessively large handbags

Large handbags are in vogue. They are casual, fun and great for hoarding all those random items you think are essential. However, the rule of thumb here is that if a handbag covers more than half of your body it should not come out of your closet. By all means, wear your oversized bags to add some spunk to your look — but make sure they don’t look like they are eating you up. Here is a guide to Summer trends.

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