How to put on Weight

Putting on weight is very much more difficult then losing weight. Even putting on a few pounds for a chronically thin person can be quite a problem. Thin people look undernourished and starved and nothing seems to suit them.

Thinness is due to many causes, sometimes it might be due to some illness or an operation. In many people, thinness is also hereditary, if both the parents are on the thinner side the children cannot expect to be otherwise. In some people, it is due to endocrinological disorders.

In these cases, a systematic investigation is called for by an expert endocrinologist. Many people suddenly experience a gradual loss of weight for no good reason and without affecting appetite, this state calls for immediate medical attention.

Essential answers to the question how to put on weight:

1. Have 3 meals every day at regular hours. Start with wholesome breakfast and have a healthy dinner and lunch in between snacks are excellent for you but do not eat it) sort of food that will kill your next regular meal. Something’s preferable in betweens are fruit juices, milk, fruits, cakes or Ice creams.

2. If your appetite is weak, prepare foods tastefully and serve them attractively. But it is not easy to increase your appetite as it is not easy for the weight-loss to decrease their appetite but if you really want to fill yourself up, you have got to eat: If necessary ‘use some psychology on yourself.

3. Food should be easy on your teeth, chew properly and take your time to finish it. While having your food, relax yourself and enjoy it.

4. Keep calm and stop worrying. Worrying is the main cause of thinness. Take your mind off your source of anxiety by cultivating outside interests and through regular prayers and meditation.

5. Cut down on smoking, it diminishes your appetite, so if you must smoke at all, smoke only after meals.

6. Also take adequate rest and sleep. A nap in the afternoon and a good sleep at night will not only help you put on weight but will also make you look fresh and glowing.
Some of the fattening foods are:

Sugar, sweets, mithais, halwas, jam, marmalade, fruits in syrup, bananas, honey cakes, pastries, bread, biscuits, puddings, parathas, puries.

Fattening foods

. Fried foods, cream, butter, ghee.
. Pork, duck, goose, all fat meat, bacon, tinned fish in oil.
. Sweet wines, beer, sweet aerated waters.
. Dried fruits, bananas, grapes, plums.
. Potatoes, peas and beans of every type, rite.
. Cod liver oil, and salt with food.

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