I can’t go by people’s expectations: Imran Khan

Imran Khan has changed his image in his second film.

Says the nervous second-timer, “After Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Kidnap was the first script that I actually liked. I decided on doing it instinctively. And I’ve a completely different role from what I did in Jaane Tu…I admit Sanjay Dutt has a bigger part in my next release Kidnap.

And rightly so. He’s a much bigger star than me and obviously the focus would be on him. I am thrilled with my part in Kidnap. Incidentally Sanjay Dutt is also my co-star in Luck. Apparently there’s some kind of a mysterious link between the two of us.”

Imran was quite intimidated before working with Dutt. “But he turned out to be such a warm and soft-hearted guy. On the first day I was fumbling and forgetting my lines. He told to relax, that it was okay.”

Imran’s teenybopper fans who think he’s the cutest thing since bubblegum are in for a shock when they see him playing a grey role in his second film.

“It is a slightly negative role. I am very different from Jaane Tu…. in Kidnap But morality in this film and in real life is a question of perception. Once my fans get to know my character’s motivations they won’t be shocked.

This is what I really liked about Kidnap. It says, ‘Hang on for a second. Are you sure you know what’s right and what is wrong?’

For me morality is totally a matter of which side you are on. I think I play a very interesting guy to watch in Kidnap. People will like me. I think the audience is in the mood to see new and interesting things. In any case I can’t go by people’s expectations. I’ll choose the roles that I like.”

Imran ends on a positive note. “We’re having a blast here in SA. I’m working with some great actors here. Mithun Dada is so down to earth and humble. Ravi Kissan Sir and I get along so well.

I didn’t know who he was until I saw him in 1971. I guess I’m lucky to have a second release so soon after my debut. These things aren’t in an actor’s end.”

Imran intends to go on a vacation after shooting Luck and attending to the release of Kidnap.

“I’ve been working non-stop from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na…Then Kidnap. And Now Luck. Though we’re shooting Luck in a very beautiful place the days are very long. We’re shooting very intense action scenes with no breaks.”

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