Post ‘JTYJN’, Imran Khan is swamped with offers

The popularity of Imran Khan, who is just one film old, has soared so much that he says he has been “reduced to doing interviews in cars, in the shower, anywhere” and is being offered huge amounts of money to just show his face at parties.

“I’m now reduced to doing interviews in cars, in the shower, anywhere…thanks to the promotion of ‘Kidnap’. I’m also being offered ridiculous sums of money to just attend functions, parties and events,” Imran told us.

“I’m really surprised by the lengths people are willing to go to get stars into their orbit. I’m offered unheard of money to simply attend parties, have a drink, hang around and leave in 10 minutes,” he added.

Nowadays Imran’s schedules are so choc-a-bloc that he hardly gets time to meet his girlfriend Avantika or read scripts.

He doesn’t deny his rumoured remuneration of a whopping Rs.120 million per film, but says he doesn’t choose films on the basis of money alone.

“Money is not the criterion. It’s what I’m comfortable doing. After ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Luck’, it’s only Aamir’s ‘Delhi Belly’ I’ve said yes to,” he said.

And although he has been flooded with offers to endorse products, he hasn’t accepted any yet.

“I just can’t identify with any product that I’m asked to endorse. It’s not about not doing cigarette and alcohol ads. That, of course, goes without saying. I won’t even endorse clothes or drinks that I don’t use.

“I recently had a big Delhi garment industry offering me an endorsement. But I don’t wear their clothes. How can I ask other people to wear them? I’ll endorse the products that I use,” Imran said.

The already busy actor now has another task on his hands. Imran has to deal with the damage caused to his car in an accident Thursday.

As he was being driven to the venue of the rehearsals for Abhinay Deo’s ‘Delhi Belly’, a speeding vehicle bumped into his car from behind, damaging the bumper and scratching the paint.

“There was some damage to the car. This happened right in front of Tulip Star hotel. Vehicles came to a standstill and we got down from our cars. But I was in a hurry to reach my rehearsals. So we exchanged addresses and I’ll be taking up the matter with him later,” Imran said.

Though he desperately needs a holiday, Imran’s tight schedule forced him to decline Sanjay Dutt’s invitation for a vacation in Africa.

“Sanjay Dutt has gone on a safari to the jungles of Tanzania and Congo. He asked me to come along but here I am battling publicity interviews, rehearsals and a damaged car. Tough luck,” Imran said.

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