I don’t mind him being metrosexual – Tulip Joshi

Your man should be…
What he is, nothing more, nothing less.

One must-have quality in him?
Honesty. I cannot tolerate lies and deceit.

His profession?
Does that really matter? Till the time he loves me, it is okay if he is into business, job or something else (laughs). Maybe I am saying all this because he is from outside the film industry and we are very happy together!

Brainy or brawny?
Definitely brainy because it’s only brain which makes one successful. Brawny people are mostly dumb.

His beauty for you would be?
Spiritual. I am heavily into spirituality and don’t believe in either inner or outer beauty.

His sense of humour?
It’s a must. This is what makes him unique. He rocks because of his amazing ability to make others laugh.

Importance of calls and SMSes in a relationship?
It’s an essential part in our lives now. In other words, it’s a must. How can a relationship survive without proper communication!

The next level of your relationship?
It’s secondary for me at the moment. I am into a serious committed relationship right now and so marriage and the next level, whatever that may mean, is not at all important for me.

His metrosexuality?
I don’t mind him being metrosexual. Unlike others, I would not say they (metrosexual men) are sissy.

The most romantic getaway with him?
It has to be Venice. It’s so beautiful!

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