It’s her first time

THERE’S a first time for everything as singer Khadija Hayder proved with her debut album ‘My First Time’.

The singer has already featured the The Secret Service album, D-Classified, and the compilation album Love Is… But now Khadija has surpassed herself with the release of her debut album.

My First Time has been released by AP Productions and offers a variety of musical styles including pop and bhangra.

Khadija collaborated with lyricist Akhtar Hussain and producer JKD to bring out her first solo work. The result is uplifting and refreshing – a sure fire hit.

Khadija was a success before her debut. The UK’s biggest bhangra act RDB, for example, gave over two tracks to Khadija on their best selling Urban Flavas and Unstoppable.
Her influence has inspired underground artiste Shabz to feature her vocals most recently on Jado Hole – Wrath of Shabz Mix

The release of My First Time coincides with Khadija’s tour of the USA and Canada. She will be performing alongside Jawad Ahmad and Ali Zafar.

Khadija passion for music began with the tablas at three-and-a-half years-old .
Said Khadija: “My love for music grew, and I went on to learn the sitar and I received classical vocal training.

“I write my own lyrics and compose the music. I feel it is important to be part of the whole process, not just as a singer.”

Khadija also believes it is vital to work with other artists to be able to explore different styles of music in order to keep up with the ever-changing music industry.

Khadija also looks to the old stars for her inspiration.

“I am fascinated by the songs of the late Noor Jahan, Kishore Kumar and Rafi and also Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. So I was really pleased to be working with The Secret Service where I sang some classic Noor Jahan hits as a special tribute to her.”

Before Khadija became a solo artist, she worked as a music director based in Pakistan and had the privilege to work with huge names including writer Hassina Moin and director Syed Mohsin Ali.

AP Productions, are promoting her music in the UK and Europe as well as in Pakistan and My First Time will be released in spring next year.


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