Kareena Kapoor has no time for Family

Kareena Kapoor has said that she has no much time for her family in Mumbai.

“It is true,” agreed Kareena who’s been on the run and virtually living life out of a suitcase with films, book launches, shoots for international magazines, endorsements and award functions.

Where, in her crazy schedule, does the Man fit in? Does she have time for Saif Ali Khan or not? She has! And the overworked actress admitted that both are working together on Valentine’s Day.

“We’re shooting and haven’t planned anything but are just happy that we will be together that day. I think even Valentine’s Day, like all the other occasions that we have missed, we will celebrate post June!”

As for being voted the Youth Icon of the Year, “That’s a responsibility! I need to be cautious of every step I take because young girls are watching and following me.” The awards all came in one month. “It’s a great feeling,” admitted Kareena, “but at the same time, I haven’t been able to enjoy them.

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