Lamhaa, Bips and the Dal lake mystery

Bipasha, Sanjay Dutt and Kunal Kapoor are in heaven. Or near-about. Shooting in the Dal Lake of Kashmir in freezing January has never been heard of.

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Normally by the end of December and beginning of January the idyllic world-famous lake turns into ice. For the first time in living memory, the Dal Lake is de-frozen in mid-winter. And the Lamhaa makers are making the best of it, shooting what could possibly be the only Hindi film to be shot in Dal Lake at this time of the year.

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Kashmir has this time been much kinder to Bipasha than the last time, so much so that the anxious producer-director actually let her leave for one night on Wednesday to dance for an awards function then return the next morning.

Said the actress, “I came back for the awards on Wednesday night for just one evening. I reached just in time to get into my costume and rush to the stage. It went really well.”

Bipasha is in a happy place right now. “It’s great shooting in Srinagar. Very organised, very beautiful, but also very cold.”

Hence, the mystery of the unfrozen Dal Lake thickens.

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