‘Recession has hit people’ says Emraan

Emraan Hashmi is back as a brooding painter for his role in Raaz — The Mystery Continues (RTMC). “It’ll change the portrayal of horror in Hindi movies,” says Emraan, who thinks there are two types of horror films. “The Exorcist is for the niche hardcore horror audience, while The Ring, which was a worldwide hit, had the right blend of adventure and horror. RTMC is something like The Ring,” he explains.

But what’s the raaz about his sexy look with kohl-lined eyes, spiked hair and junk jewellery? “By doing a horror film, I got a chance to break away from routine roles. And since I play a painter, it gave me enough freedom to go over the edge,” he says. He’s not just changed his looks, but has also lost 10 kilos for the role. He, however, doesn’t think much of the six-pack. “It’s a herd mentality thing and it’s bizarre when you see one person setting a trend and others following it. I’d go for one only if my director asks me to,” says Emraan.

Although losing weight was a priority, Emraan wanted to do it the natural way. RTMC director Mohit Suri reportedly asked him to use pills to speed up the process, but Emraan supposedly declined, saying that he wanted to have kids. True? “Right now, I’m not sure enough about whether I can take care of kids. It’s a milestone in a man’s life and I’m not ready for it now,” he says.

He will be seen in a different avatar in his next flick too. “This will be my first film as a romantic hero with the Mumbai floods as the backdrop. It gives me goose bumps because I’ve never played such a character before,” he beams.

Emraan has reportedly hiked his price to Rs 5 crore and is quite selective about the roles he does. “I put a lot of effort into my work and know my true value; I’m critical about myself. I don’t like doing films for which the costs can’t be recovered,” he justifies.
With actors demanding such high prices, has the recession not hit the film industry? “Earlier, everyone was charging astronomical amounts. I think the recession has brought them down to earth,” Emraan says.

While he gives his best for his films, Emraan’s not really into endorsements or public appearances. So, is he leaving it to newcomers to do the publicity for films? “I promote a film when I’m involved in it, but I’ve been travelling a lot and approach the media whenever I’ve something to say. I had my share of exposure when I started off. Now, my priorities are changing. As far as endorsements are concerned, I don’t like to do commercials if they are not an extension of my personality,” he contends.

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