Lawn Exhibitions Schedule 2012

Nadia Hussain Signature Lawn 2012 designs 2

Mark your Calendar when you can buy lawn in Karachi and which exhibition of lawn you wanna visit and which one you’ll like to skip. From Jan to June all of the Lawn brigade details.

When can you buy lawn?

26–29: J. Lawn (Karachi)

27: Kesa by Lala collection in stores


4-7: Mausummery Lawn

7–9: Nadia Hussain Lawn

10-12: Warda Lawn

11-14: Yahsir Waheed Lawn

13: Asim Jofa collection in stores

23-25: Kayseria Lawn

24-26: Rizwan Beyg Lawn

26-29: Shamaeel Ansari Lawn

(All being launched in Karachi)


1: Maria B collection in stores

2–4: Kamiar Rokni’s Bonanza Lawn (Karachi)

8-10: Rosy Patel Lawn by S&S Textiles (Karachi)

8–10: Sobia Nazir Lawn (Lahore)

9-10: HSY Prints (Lahore)

10: Khaadi Lawn in stores

13-15: Hira Lari Lawn by Afroze Textiles (Karachi)

13-15: Kamal Lawn by Elan (Lahore)

Mid March: Sana Safinaz*

Mid March: Karma*

Mid March: Deepak Perwani*

24-26: Misaal Lawn by Ayesha Hussain, Sanya Munir and Seveen Munir (Karachi)

Nomi Ansari *

Mahnoush Lawn by Arjumand Amin*

Umar Sayeed by Al Karam*

Faiza Sami by Al Karam*


Wardha Saleem Lawn*

HSY Nation collection in stores*


Sonya Battla Lawn*


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