Dry Flower Arrangement

DIY Dry Flower Arrangement

Dry Flower Arrangement

Use this simple step-by-step guide to drying flowers to turn your blooms into colorful keepsakes.

Christina Moreno, creator of the Flores del Sol shop on etsy.com, walked us through this simple and fun craft.

  • First, choose flowers and plants with sturdy, nonfleshy stems.
  • Good choices:  Christina Moreno recommends roses, peonies, hydrangea, yarrow, and lavender.
  • Snip: Make sure to snip off the buds before they fully open.
  • Create a bouquet: Remove excess leaves and tie the stems together with a rubber band or a twist tie. 
  • Spritz the bouquet with aerosol hairspray.
  • Preserve: Hang flowers upside down in a dark, dry place for four weeks. 
  • Display: Pop them into a vase or tie them with a bow for a modern look. Voilà!

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