Mask against tired skin

Ample sleep is still the best medicine against tired skin. But sometimes even this does not help unless there is enough time. 8 hours in his own bed and 8 hours with the head on the table in the university extends even to me sometimes not. The consequences: The skin really limp and gray. But even here mom knows a recipe from grandma with ingredients from your refrigerator:
A cucumber. Because Powe has correctly! Besides the very high content of moisture and contains vitamins, vegetables and other enzymes that promote the regeneration of the skin while stimulating skin cells to re-form. For the face mask, the first cucumber with a knife into small pieces are cut, followed by those with a stab or blender puree to crush. Now, two teaspoons of the mixture Quark and the cause of the face mask distribute. After an exposure time of 20 minutes is your skin really fresh!

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