Eating Before Bedtime to Promote Sleep Beauty

Eating Before Bedtime to Promote Sleep Beauty Beauty  Read more: before bed is unhealthy, but if you are too hungry at night, afraid to eat something fattening, it would have to carefully choose food to eat before going to bed, the correct choice will not affect the body, there may be additional gains.


Banana called “sleeping pills wrapped in peel, ” smooth serotonin and melatonin, but also contains magnesium, can relax the muscles, and bananas are rich in dietary fiber, can promote bowel movements. So, want to eat something before going to bed, banana is a very good choice.

Recommended: diced banana and yogurt with, but also beauty beauty.


Oats can be rid of the acid of sleep can relax, sleep a soft effect. Oats can induce the secretion of an insulin the body to help send signals to the brain tryptophan: time to sleep. And oats in the uniform release of glucose during sleep to prevent low blood sugar lead to the nightmare continued.

Recommendation: add a little honey oatmeal, delicious and healthy, if you add the same amount of barley, not only beauty, but also to promote metabolism, prevent edema.


Potato is considered the best nutrition lose weight. Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, soft, low in calories, cholesterol and fat, satiety is more than three times an equal volume of rice. Potatoes are rich in alkaline compounds, not only will not get fat eating before going to bed, will sleep more soundly.

Recommended: steamed, boiled potatoes, the peeling made ​​of mashed potatoes, dipped in soy sauce, honey or yogurt, delicious and nutritious.

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