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  1. i want nail art kit which includes nailart pen n brush set stamping kits rhinestones n all the material used to make acrylic nails plz inform me how can i get it in lahore or sialkot .

  2. plz let me know from where i can get a nail art kit which includes brushes,nail polishes,STAMPER n all the tools….. in lahore..
    of konnard company…

  3. from where i can buy stamper scraper n disc 79 in karachi
    plz reply me on my email address……………..n plz also inform me its individual prices

  4. plz give ne information abt where i cn gt a nail art kit which includes all bruxhes ,nail polishes e.t.c. all the thngs mntioned abve in pakixtan Islamabad….of konnord company and other companies too….pllzz mail me on ma e.mail adress

  5. i want to buy nail stickers n m in lahore kinda inform me how i may got it in lahore and of how much?

  6. Nail art in Pakistan is still an extravagance, restricted to certain social circles as its average cost is from Rs1,000 to Rs5,000 and people who desire a complete look with extra long nails can purchase acrylic nails that cost around Rs3,500 for both hands.

  7. Hi Shoaib,

    We would love to have a guest post from you on Rewaj about your work and Charges with some info about the designs and your contact details.

  8. visit my facebook page to check out all the designs and my designs range between 350-600 for both hands depending on the difficulty level of the design 🙂

    P.S. will soon post pics of my design on rewaj 🙂 to get your nail art done contact me ar 0321-2236780 or email at [email protected]

  9. plz tell me from where can i get this kit!!! i am dieing 4 this thing! 🙂 and does it includes nail art pen!!! 😀

  10. i wanna know d place 4m where i can get nail art kit wd all ov d tools can u plz help me out……?iz dere any shop 8 lhr?or if i ve to buy it 4m karachi dn hw can i manage it wdout going dere?help me n rply must:)

  11. i doubt u cn find this in pakistan, well iam a nail artist u dont need this stuuf they have mentioned here, anyways all u need is top coat and acrylic paint for proffesinoal nail art iam Shari Finger(worlds biggest nail artists) student

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