Nails Breaking And Chipping

How To Keep Your Nails From Breaking And ChippingIs there anything more frustrating than spending weeks trying to grow the most perfect, beautiful nails, only to them have them break and crack and split right as they get to the length you would like them to? Or maybe you have just gotten the most beautiful manicure and your nail decided to crack and split. Just as with any other part of our body, in order to have the strongest nails possible we have to take certain precautions to keep them from cracking and splitting. Below are some tips that will help you keep your nails beautiful and strong:

Wear Gloves

When ever you are cleaning or using any sort of soap or detergent, wear gloves! Soaps and detergents are extremely drying for nails, so try to keep any sort of household cleaners far, far away from them. Most of these chemicals will cause your nails to peel, which in turn weakens them and leaves them more prone to breakage. Take the extra second to slip on a pair of gloves – you nails will be forever in your debt!

Your Nails are Not a Tool

As handy as it may be to use your nails to pick and scratch and peel at other things, don’t. The more impact you bring upon your ails, the more prone they are to weakening and breaking. Use appropriate tools are alternatives instead of resorting to using our nails.

Keep your Hands Moisturized

One of the best things you can ever do for your hands and your nails is to invest in a quality hand cream. Keeping your hands and nails moisturized will prevent any sort of cracking, breaking, peeling, and dryness that you otherwise would experience. When you rub the hand cream into your skin, take care to rub it into the nail cuticles and your nails themselves. The oils that are in the hand cream will sit on top of your fingernails and help protect them from other elements too.

Take a Multivitamin

As with any part of our body, consuming the right nutrients that we need in a day will go a long way in helping keep your nails healthier. The best way to ensure that you are ingesting the right about of ingredients that you need is to invest in a quality multivitamin. In no time you should be seeing a difference in the strength and durability of your fingernails.

TIP: Add a vitamin E supplement to your diet to help your nails grow stronger and faster.
Stop Peeling Nail Polish

Applying clear nail polish can help strength your nails, but peeling any sort of nail polish off of your nails is going to strip ay sort of moisture from them. It will also remove layers of your nail, which in turn makes them more weak and brittle. Always use a nail polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone (on natural nails) to get rid of the nail polish, and follow up by soaking your hands in warm water and applying a hydrating cream to the nails.


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