Natural Ways to Remove Rust Spots on Fabric

Natural Ways to Remove Rust Spots on Fabric

Natural Ways to Remove Rust Spots on FabricRust spots can ruin fabric, especially when they cover light-colored clothing. Iron marks are quite obvious, and bleach will only deepen the rusty hue. Chemical products are available to remove spots and stains, but they are potentially toxic and can damage delicate fibers. Use the following natural ways to remove rust spots on fabric, and get rid of ugly iron stains without the use of chemicals. Go green instead! When properly treated in natural ways, the marks will come out.

Precautionary Statement

Before using the following natural ways to remove rust spots on fabric, test them in an inconspicuous area first. It does not have to be tested on rust. Simply apply it to the back of a hem according to instructions, and rinse it away. If dye is removed or if new spots appear, do not proceed. Also, do not use hot steam methods on fabric that cannot withstand hot water. Take the fabric to a professional cleaning establishment for assistance. Although they might not use natural ways to remove the rust spots, they might be able to remove them.

Try a Natural Lemon and Salt Mixture to Remove Rust Spots

Lemon juice is a fantastic natural product that can be used to clean everything from sinks to frying pans. The natural acid in the lemon works to remove all types of spots and stains. It even works well on fabric. To remove rust spots on fabric, apply natural (not reconstituted) lemon juice mixed with table salt to the stains. Place the fabric in direct, natural sunlight, preferably outdoors. Wash the fabric according to label directions. The rust spots should be gone.

Another lemon juice method uses hot steam. This natural method is ideal on dreary days or when the weather is not conducive to placing fabric outside in the sun. Simply apply the lemon juice and salt as directed above, and hold the spotted areas over a tea kettle or a bowl of water that was heated to boiling in the microwave. Use extreme caution to avoid getting burned by the steam. The steam must come in contact with the lemon-covered rust spots. It will loosen and remove the spots upon washing by hand or in a washing machine according to label directions. If the marks are not gone, repeat the natural process before drying the fabric and further setting the stains.


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