Not Ash but Kat will glow soon

Katrina KaifIt’s the much accepted trend on the B-town that faces get replaced with newer ones and it’s only the gifted ones that remain in people’s mind. But again, it’s the gifted ones who even sometimes replace the old faces in such a way that people don’t try to get back recapping the old ones.

It’s exactly the case that happened with Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Well, it’s not a matter with any film that Kat baby has replaced the once most preferable Ash but it’s with a brand endorsement deal that the babes of Bollywood fought for few times and ultimately the green beau Kat has won the cap.

Remember the glitzy ads of Nakshatra Diamonds that showcased Ash at one of her best looks ever but from now on the hapless Ash will no longer be seen with glistening stones endorsed to her beauty. The latest hook of the B-town, Kat will take Ash’s place for the brand and will soon be seen posing for diamonds. And to top the cake the in house report reveals that Kat has been offered much a higher amount than what was offered to the Bachchan bahu in the year 2004 while she was signed for the brand.

If that seems winning enough for Kat, you have to hold your heart for even something more exciting. Times back an online poll revealed that Kat is the hottest chick whose pics were downloaded more than what was found with the images of Ash.

Hmmm… it seems like people are forgetting Ash bit by bit. Well, it’s very natural phenomenon with the Bollywood. And Ash, whether you accept it or not, your days are dwindling enough for pushing you to the edge of career and better you learn to adieu the audience with the remaining prestige. Who can say, Kat will soon take even that chance from you!

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