Pakistan Music Idol- Pakistan’s first ever online Music Competition

Pakistans first ever online Music Competition Pakistan Music Idol

Pakistans first ever online Music Competition Pakistan Music IdolForget about the lucrative and extravagant Americon Idol or Indian Idol and welcome the brand new Desi idol show thats just coming to tinsel town- Pakistan Music Idol PMI.

Pakistan Music Idol is a highly unique idea for Pakistani youth. It is going to couple the challenge of the competition with the excitement of being recognized. Only the exceptional will survive!

Our objective is to bring out the attention starved yet exceptionally gifted musical talents from all across Pakistan, and provide them with a platform to be recognized and appreciated. And by using the internet & mobile medium as the launchpad, we are essentially optimizing the possibility of bringing out each and every person in our country with a little bit of bandwidth, and a bagful of talent, and taking them on a journey to stardom!

Aim of PMI is to appreciate and recognize the excellent work originated by any underground band, singer and musician anywhere in Pakistan. And the best part is, its not bound by any genre or instrument restrictions. You play guitars? Rock it out! Into the drums? Go nuts on ’em! Think you’re good at singing? Let the world hear it! So basically, one doesn’t need to belong to any specific type of music. All you need to be is very very good… and the stage is yours!

Pakistan’s first ever online Music Competition. If you like to sing, play any instrument or would like to judge any contestant, why don’t you join PMI. Preliminary Registration is active now!! Submit your email address  Here


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