Strings: Pakistan Pop Bands Continue to Churn out Great Music

Currently the biggest band in Pakistani pop Faisal and Bilal – the band duo – at churning out good music.

That’s what the music of the Pakistani band Strings is all about

Currently the biggest band in Pakistani pop, Strings has had a tumultuous history of disbanding and then reuniting. What hasn’t changed is the consistency of Faisal and Bilal — the band duo — at churning out good music.

“Music happened as a hobby, not a profession. We first met in college in Karachi. After producing two successful albums, we disbanded to continue our studies. We completed our studies, got married, and then got back together after more than seven years,” says Faisal.

One USP of Strings is that its music is difficult to classify. “We’ve evolved over the years and have consciously tried to sound different each time,” says Bilal.

“A bit of rock and a bit of pop, along with other elements, makes our music, which is primarily love songs with universal appeal. This music of peace brings us closer to the youth.”

As for the band’s as yet untitled next album, “it’ll be different — more rock-oriented and not as mellow as our previous work,” informs Bilal.

While the Indian pop industry has been rendered soul-less thanks to remixes driving the market, Faisal believes that this is a “passing” phase. “In India, film music swallows all the talent. KK and Sonu Nigam, who once produced successful pop albums, are now concentrating on playback singing.

In Pakistan, where there is hardly a parallel film industry, the music industry is flourishing with different sounds: ghazals, qawalis, Sufi rock, pop,” he says.

Simultaneously, Bilal reveals that for their touring band, “it is through concerts that the real money comes.” Of course, concerts are also important for “the experience and satisfaction of performing live.”

Delhi, of course, was maha satisfied with the Saturday night fever Strings whipped up!

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