Protect your skin this winter

Here are some tips to protect your skin and look glowing this winter.

1 Weather woes: During winter, your skin needs some extra help and protection from the cold and dry weather. Begin with an extra-rich moisturizer and increase your fluid intake.

2 Make it a habit: Develop some kind of skin care routine, not necessarily elaborate, based on your skin type, daily activities, and nutritional needs.

3 Skin damage: Our skin tends to be affected by diseases like frostbite and eczema during winter. Deeper tissues freeze can cause skin to become hard, pale and cold. It may ache but lacks sensitivity to touch. The hands, feet, nose and ears are the most vulnerable body parts to be hit.

4 Pay attention: When our skin becomes dry and irritated in winter, eczema can flare. To avoid this, moisturise frequently with an oil-based ointment that contains sunscreen. Sweating and overheating can also trigger the itch/scratch cycle, so dress in easy-to-peel-off layers.

5 Sunscreen smart:

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