Sunscreen in the Winter The Sun Shines All Year

Sunscreen in the Winter The Sun Shines All Year

 Sunscreen in the Winter The Sun Shines All YearEveryone should use sunscreen in the winter for the simple reason the sun shines all year long. It doesn’t matter if the temperature is colder or there are more cloudy days. The fact is the sun’s ultraviolet rays bombard the earth throughout the year and can penetrate many cloud covers. That means the skin is continually exposed to the sun’s rays.

It doesn’t matter that more clothes are worn during winter, because unless you completely cover yourself from head to toe, there will always be skin exposed.

The most vulnerable places on your body during the winter are the face and hands. In the winter, the sun’s heat is less due to the angle of sunlight, but the ultraviolet A and B rays are still strong enough to cause skin damage. When your skin is exposed to these rays it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. The ultraviolet rays can cause permanent skin damage.

Using sunscreen in the winter is important for a lot of reasons. Even if you don’t develop skin cancer, there are a host of other sun related skin problems the sun can cause. The sun dries the skin out and can cause premature aging.

People who have spent a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen protection are usually easy to spot. They have deep wrinkles in their skin. The sun can also cause brown aging spots and skin rashes.

In the winter, even after you bundle up in warm clothes, the face, ears and hands are still exposed to the sun. Everyone should use a winter moisturizer that also contains sunscreen. The damage done to the skin by the sun is cumulative.

Every time you get a sunburn, changes are happening in the very cell structure of the skin. Over time, the damage becomes permanent or irreversible. Using sunscreen is a simple and highly effective way to prevent the sun from damaging skin including during the winter months.


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