Pyaar Hi Pyaar Mein

Producer: Syed Afzal Ali
Director: Fahim Burney

A Film by Fahim Burney ‘Pyaar hi Pyaar mein’ is said to be the Pakistan’s first international Urdu cinema scope film, which would be released in Pakistan, Dubai (UAE), England and United States simultaneously. A mega venture made by Fahim Burney, which might become a trend setter in the history of Pakistani cinema. Fahim Burney is a very famous and successful director who holds a diploma in film direction from London. He has the credit of directing successful plays while introducing foreign locations in TV plays. The producer Syed Afzal Ali is considered to be a bold and risk taking entrepreneur having complete faith in Fahim Burney.

The filmmakers brought together a crew of 45 members mainly from Europe choosing the best choreographers and cinematographers from the European film industry who have worked for the first time in a Pakistan film. The film has been shot by Faisal Bokhari in Pakistan, a renowned cinematographer. The entire processing has been done by the laboratories where the Hollywood blockbusters ‘Jurassic Park’ & ‘Pearl Harbor’ were processed. The music recording of this movie has been done in London.

The locations where most of movie was shot were selected because of their part in the story not just for merely enjoyment. Almost 80% of the movie has been shot in the glamorous city of Dubai while rest of the movie was shot in enchanting northern areas of Pakistan.

The story appears to be an emotional love triangle depicting the cultural values and touching the warm and tender feelings especially those identified with feminine psyche.

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