UAE's Coffee Planet coming to Pakistan

UAE’s Coffee Planet comes to Lahore

After the successful launch of international food chains like Gloria jean’s, Cinnabon etc UAE-based drinks company, Coffee Planet, has expanded into Pakistan. Its third international retail outlet has opened in the heart of Pakistan’s cultural capital, Lahore, following previous successful openings in Oman and Malaysia. The launch of the new … Read more

Umar Sharif Rocked the Zee Cine Awards

Forget the behind-the-scenes drama, the Zee Cine Awards in Dubai last weekend truly rocked. More than anything else, it made a genuine effort to cement the Indo-Pak relations further, which have been on an upswing in the recent times. Simply put, Bollywood and Lollywood were akin to the ambassadors of … Read more

Pakistani artistes making money worldwide

Pop music is rapidly taking over the Pakistani music scene, despite the moral brigade and diktats of the clergy. “Pop, along with soft rock, is growing in popularity. It has developed in a very short span of time and shows more promise than even Indian pop music,” claims Saadia, 19, … Read more

Daring Emirati Sheikha Plans to Settle in Pakistan

Sheikha Mohammad Hamoud Alhamdi, a 21-year-old from UAE, who has married a local of Karak and considers Pakistanis loving and caring, is learning Pashto to share Arabic folktales and stories with her in-laws. “I would love to settle in Karak with my husband and all of his family as I … Read more

Pyaar Hi Pyaar Mein

Producer: Syed Afzal Ali Director: Fahim Burney A Film by Fahim Burney ‘Pyaar hi Pyaar mein’ is said to be the Pakistan’s first international Urdu cinema scope film, which would be released in Pakistan, Dubai (UAE), England and United States simultaneously. A mega venture made by Fahim Burney, which might … Read more