Qawwalis getting popular in Canada

Social, cultural and religious events are extremely important to protect and promote the identity of the people, community and the country. The environment and system in Canada provides best opportunities to all to express themselves in the manner they desire. This helps in better understanding of the communities and infusion of the spirit to live and work together with respect and tolerance. The result is richness of the society. This is the secret of Canada’s good image.

Qazi Bashiruddin, a renowned religious and social personality of the community, based in Hamilton, is vigorously active in promoting his message and work. He is busy in serving the people despite his very old age and feebleness. He needs to be encouraged and supported.

He said: “I organize functions to keep our principles, traditions and culture alive. The people must be educated and awareness created. For this we must match festivities with festivities. This will help in removal of confusion and misunderstanding and creation of better understanding about origin and history. The increasing attendance shows interest of the people. It is essential to project our identity and protect our people.”

Qazi Bashiruddin, who is a Pakistani and was a senior banker, has a large number of followers in Canada including mostly leading personalities and enjoys great respect. He said: “We must avoid double standards, which create confusion and problems in our lives. With self-accountability, we can overcome this and many other common but serious problems.”

URS MUBARAK: He organized Urs Mubarak of Hazrat Khawaja Gaisoo Daraz Banda Nawaz (R.A.) of Gulbarga Sharif and Hazrat Khawaja Mahboob Allah Baikas Nawaz (R.A.) of Qazi Pura Sharif on January 2, 2005, at Monti Bianco Banquet Hall in Missisauga.

The event, which started in the evening and continued till late night, included Mehfil-e-Sama. Two parties of Qawwals, Hussain Ahmed Brothers and Qareen Ahmed Shah, presented Qawwalis, which were enjoyed by the audience. The Qawwalis were tribute to the famous saints. Naats were also presented. Langar (Food) was served to the participants. The hall was jam-packed. Maulana Sajid Qureshi delivered a speech on Urs. Media officials were present in good strength.

POPULARITY: Such events are gaining tremendous popularity in Canada. Qazi Bashiruddin is doing his best to make them popular and give them recognition. The focus remains on the Qawwals who are getting good promotion and recognition. Qazi is attracting the people through Qawwalis so that the saints could be introduced to them.

In order to pay real tribute to the saints, the focus must be on their teachings and preaching. Papers must be read on their lives, contribution and achievements. The saints must be properly introduced to the audience so that they not only understand them but also get impressed and inspired by the great personalities. If the purpose is to educate the people and create awareness then the events must be planned accordingly. Presently only Qawwals get importance and focus.

Make the people understand, through literatures and lectures, the message of the saints so that they can understand the Qawwalis and fully enjoy them. The realistic situation is that hardly few people know about their contribution and charismatic work. This is very disappointing. Therefore, the proper introduction of saints is a must to achieve the purpose of the events. The great qualities and works of saints attracted people from all walks of life, both highly literates and illiterates. We must highlight those qualities so that people could fully benefit from them and come closer to The Almighty through proper understanding of Islam. This must be the approach.

We must also protect the people from Fake Mullahs who are harming them most by not delivering the proper message. The fake Mullahs take advantage of social and religious events and promote their vested interests. I happened to hear one such Mullah, who was senior leader of a leading religious group, and was shocked to hear his speech. In fact the whole audience was shocked and showed great patience by tolerating him. My God it was terrible and with no sense at all.

May God protect us all from such persons? He was totally misleading the people and challenging them also to prove him wrong. They must never be encouraged and invited to address gathering of literate and sensible people. Unfortunately, such Mullahs are becoming very powerful and openly exploiting the people. In Canada too, they are trying to establish themselves and fool the people but this must not be allowed to happen. A strict watch is needed.


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