Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 2

Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 2

Coke Studio’s second episode presents a whole new palette of genres and artists and conveys yet another kaleidoscopic view on the diversity of music in Pakistan. The Coke Studio journey continues with a selection of fusion songs that pay tribute to the unique and enduring traditions of classical, folk and … Read more

Qawwalis getting popular in Canada

Social, cultural and religious events are extremely important to protect and promote the identity of the people, community and the country. The environment and system in Canada provides best opportunities to all to express themselves in the manner they desire. This helps in better understanding of the communities and infusion … Read more

Back to ‘real’ music

Karachi has had its taste of classical music recently. The beginning of February was marred with music performances in the city. The 2nd All Pakistan Music Conference just ended with giant classic figures from across the country performing for three days at a stretch. Then concerts by both pop and … Read more

Pakistan’s Sufi Queen to Perfom in Mumbai

Pakistan’s Sufi queen Abida Parveen said she will perform a concert in Bombay to boost peace efforts between India and Pakistan. “Music knows no boundaries,” said Parveen, known for her musical renderings of Urdu poets such as Aamir Khusro, Kabeer and Bulesha. “I’m happy I will be performing in this … Read more