Wake up and feel good the whole day through

Open the curtains. To pull you out of you slumber, the first thing you should do when you wake up is open the curtains and embrace the sunlight. Keeping the curtains closed will leave your mind sleeping, aching for a couple more hours of z’s. Brightness equals wide-awake. Try it. It really does work.

Be thankful to be alive. Each day we wake up it really is a blessing. Each day is a gift, we should cherish it and do whatever is best. There is no time to fight with friends or be in a bad mood about something. Be happy!

Wear something that you feel comfortable in. If you have a long day planned don’t wear something you are uncomfortable in. you will end up spending the whole day being conscious and won’t enjoy your day. Opt for something you feel confident and at ease in, it really does make a world of difference.

Be an optimist. Start of your day thinking things will work out. The meeting will go well. The tailor will have your clothes ready. You friends will be at your house on time. The new recipe you plan to make today will turn out to be tasty. Having a positive frame of mind can totally change your day. Try it you have nothing to lose.

Take a shower. To get you out of your state of sleep drunkenness take a shower. It will wake you up and get your blood pumping. It will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle all the obstacles waiting for you throughout your day.

Stretch. People underestimate the value of stretching first thing in the morning. Not only does it get the blood flowing, it can help you get rid of any stiffness and soreness you get during the night. Even a couple of minutes every morning really can make all the difference to your day.

Have a good breakfast. Nothing can start your day better than a good healthy breakfast. It gives you the energy you need to feel good throughout the day and do all the things you need to. On an empty stomach, you will start to get tired and lethargic much quicker. Try cereal with fresh fruit or boiled egg and toast.

Look in the mirror and love what you see. People often wake up, dislike what they see, get depressed and go back to sleep to get away from the depression. In reality there is no reason to not like what you see. Everyone is beautiful and everyone has a lot of individual things to love. So what if your things are bigger than Vinnie’s, who cares if your waist isn’t as thin as Iraj’s, doesn’t matter if your hair isn’t as lustrous as Reema’s? You still have plenty to be happy about. Find something you truly love about yourself, like your soft skin, or your sexy cures, or your sweet smile and everyday add one thing to the list of things you love about yourself.

Listen to music. Perhaps fix your music system to play your favorite song as your wake up alarm. You really can’t have a bad day when you wake up listening to a song that makes feel good. If you can’t do that, after you wake up put on some music, it really will help you get in a good mood even after a late night. Try listening to something upbeat and happy.

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