Fashion collection Mohsin Ali’s Hazara Heritage

Fashion collection Mohsin Ali’s Hazara Heritage

Mohsin Ali’s eclectic, brooding collection, which dexterously combined elements of the subaltern Hazara culture and married it to their vagabond state, made fashion insiders giddy with a new prospect of a creative maverick in their midst and delighted audiences with its unique desi bohemian aesthetic. Even Britain’s greatest fashion authority, … Read more

Cultural festival: Lok Mela showcases true culture of Punjab

Cultural festival: Lok Mela showcases true culture of Punjab

The ongoing folk festival at Lok Virsa is receiving a great response from the residents of the capital city where hundreds of people have flocked in to enjoy their taste of traditional arts and handicrafts. The 10-day-long “Lok Mela” features attractions from several craftsmen, folk artists, rural musicians and dance … Read more

Qawwalis getting popular in Canada

Social, cultural and religious events are extremely important to protect and promote the identity of the people, community and the country. The environment and system in Canada provides best opportunities to all to express themselves in the manner they desire. This helps in better understanding of the communities and infusion … Read more

Riveting Uzbek dances slake Lahori appetite for entertainment

Alhamra Cultural Complex looked surreal amidst decorative lights, as performances varying from enthralling Uzbek dances to hilarious slapstick performances by the Wall Street Theatre, Indian theatre and Ajoka’s theatre heightened activity at the Rafi Peer World Performing Arts Festival on Monday night. The Uzbek camp in particular was jam-packed with … Read more

First European documentary film festival begins

The second smallest continent of the world, Europe plays host to people belonging to different cultures, speaking different languages and espousing different religious ideas. By embracing such religious and cultural diversity, Europe negates the theory of clash of civilizations. These observations were made by the chairman of the Pakistan Institute … Read more

First Pakistani film festival in UK

Glasgow will play host to the UK’s first Pakistani film, media and arts festival next month which will attempt to bring cutting edge films and art exhibitions under one roof. Titled Pehlee Dharkan (first heartbeat), the film festival intends to inform audiences and the wider community on what film-making in … Read more