Salakhain : ”film preview”

Firstly, the makers of the movie are professional people who have made their mark in the showbiz industry both within Pakistan and in USA. The film is the brainchild of Rashid Khawaja who has a long affiliation with filmmaking & showbiz industry in Pakistan. Khalil Rana has proven expertise in filmmaking as is evident from his past projects such as – The Thorn, that won international acclaim.

The cast includes Zara Sheikh, Meera, the dancing sensation Kiran and Pakistan’s number one model, Ahmad. Ahmad is all set to take Lollywood by storm due to his exceptionally good looks, physique and persona. He is sure to replace Shaan in a big way.

The film has been shot locally at never-shot-before-locations in the north of Pakistan. The technical aspect of the film is also very different from previous Lollywood flicks. The entire development and processing of the film is being carried out in the same labs that have developed Hollywood blockbusters, Lord of The Ring and Spiderman.

So, we should cross our fingers and wait for the new era of film making in Pakistan with the release of Salakhain.

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