Strings hot favorite across the border

Music has a greater influence than cricket, when it comes to improving Indo-Pak relations, believes Faisal Kapadia, lead vocalist of Pakistani band Strings. “In cricket one team wins and the other loses, while in the exchange of music concerts, it’s the audience that wins ultimately,” says he. Faisal alongwith Bilal, … Read more

Salakhain : ”film preview”

Firstly, the makers of the movie are professional people who have made their mark in the showbiz industry both within Pakistan and in USA. The film is the brainchild of Rashid Khawaja who has a long affiliation with filmmaking & showbiz industry in Pakistan. Khalil Rana has proven expertise in … Read more

‘Spiderman 2’: Sonudtrack by “Strings”

A composition by the Pakistani band Strings will feature on the soundtrack of the Hollywood film “Spiderman 2”. “Earlier this year, Sony Pictures got in touch with us and said they wanted to include one of our Urdu songs,” band member Faisal Kapadia told IANS. “This happened when we had … Read more