Sashaa Agha Zara Agha Salma Agha Daughter

Salma Agha’s daughter to debut in Bollywood

Sashaa Agha Zara Agha Salma Agha Daughter
Sashaa Agha (former name Zara Agha) , daughter of Pakistani singer & Actress Salma Agha is all set to make her Bollywood debut.

Sashaa bears a strong resemblance to her mother Salma. And she is the fourth generation actor from the same family. Salma’s maternal grandfather Jugal Kishore Mehra and his wife Anwar Begum did Heer Ranjha in 1932. Salma’s mother Nasreen worked with KL Saigal in AK Kardaar’s Shahjahan. Salma herself captured the imagination of the country with her fair skin, light eyes and nasal voice when she crooned Dil ke armaan in BR Chopra’s Nikaah. Unfortunately she was not suited for the conventional Bollywood roles.

Now her daughter Sashaa is following in her mother’s footsteps. And though Sashaa looks very close to what Salma looked in her youth, she will definitely not be conservatively dressed or restricted in her choice of roles because of the changing times. Sources tell us Salma is supporting her daughter’s move to join Hindi cinema.

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