You Can be Beautiful, Seven Tips to Achieve Lasting Beauty

Seven Tips to Achieve Lasting Beauty

You Can be Beautiful, Seven Tips to Achieve Lasting Beauty  When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Some will go to great lengths to improve their looks. Do you want to be truly beautiful? Then read on.

When it comes to beauty, we are our own worst critic. We tend to equate beauty simply with the good looks of the celebrities that we see on glossy magazine covers. To try to achieve that look, some will apply all kinds of soaps, creams or ointments , or resort to cosmetic surgery in order to “correct” nature’s shortcomings – a crooked nose, flat breasts, or a bulging tummy.

But this is only external. To have real lasting beauty, it must come from without and from within. Here are seven tips on how to achieve lasting beauty.

Practice Good Grooming and Hygiene

First impressions are always important. Do you project a good initial impression? Good grooming is an important first step to a truly beautiful person. Regular care of your nails,hair,teeth,and all other parts of your body are essential. A daily bath and a good deodorant will provide freedom from unpleasant body odors; good dental hygiene will free you from unpleasant bad breath. Consult a doctor if there is a medical problem.

Improve Your Posture

This refers to the way you stand, sit and move. A good posture makes you feel more confident, improves your voice and your health too.Stand erect, on both feet with your chin parallel to the ground. Look at people when you talk to them and greet them with a sincere smile. Avoid slouching when you sit.

Develop a Good Fashion Sense

Your clothes should be clean and well pressed. They should project classic styles and an overall modest appearance. Avoid trendy or daring outifts and overly revealing clothes. They will send the wrong signal and probably attract the wrong persons, too. Strike a good balance in clothing styles- they should be conservative, middle of the road and projecting a quiet elegance.

Have a Positive Disposition

Learn to look at the bright side of things. If life gives you lemons, learn to make lemonade out of them. Always look at a glass of water “half full, and not half empty”.
Be Outward Looking

Serve others and focus on their needs. In doing so,you will forget yourself and will not be as self-conscious about yourself anymore.

Develop a Sense of Humor

Don’t be too serious and learn to lighten up. Read some good jokes and try to remember them. Learn to laugh at yourself, too. Life has enough troubles and you don’t need to add to them.
Dwell on the Beautiful Side of Life

Shy away from gutter language. You could be the most beautiful person on earth but foul language will quickly demolish that image. Whenever you speak, try to be encouraging and genuinely edifying.Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

As you do these things, beauty will well up inside of you. Then it will overflow and just naturally radiate. You won’t need to exert effort to try to look cute or attractive. Beauty will naturally radiate from you. You will no longer care for superficial and fleeting good looks. Because an inner voice will speak and tell you that:


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