Shekhar Suman yells at Kangana Ranaut

Last Tuesday Adhyayan Suman celebrated his birthday at Piano Bar. It is being said that on the night, at around 2 am, his girlfriend Kangana Ranaut has a verbal jhagda with her man’s old man, Shekhar Suman. It is believed that at the party, Mohit Suri, and Shekhar Suman were having a heated discussion on the process of filmmaking. Kangana kept butting in, and agreeing with Mohit. This irritated the hotheaded Shekhar who snapped at his son’s girl.

According to an eyewitness, “Mohit was talking about Woh Lamhe and how though it was critically acclaimed it wasn’t a commercial success; which is important. He went on to say that how filmmakers like Shyam Benegal go unrecognised at airports because his films are not money-spinners.” Shekhar’s wife Alka, Adhyayan and Kunal Deshmukh were listening in but reserved comment as the director and Suman were already in ‘high spirits’.”

The source continues, “Shekhar retorted that if a director had a certain sensibility where he made “good films” he should not sell his soul to commercial success alone, and that people who did that were like whores. It was at this moment that Kangana butted in and agreed with Mohit about commercial successes. Shekhar snapped and told her that he knew what her knowledge about films was, and also how she kept her kitchen fires burning.

She told Suman Sr that he was insulting her but he was in no mood to listen to her and continued shouting at her, till she got up and left the party.” When contacted, Shekhar admits, “We were slugging it out. I said that Satyajit Ray believed in his kind of filmmaking and never bartered it for commercial success. Kangana agreed with Mohit. To each their own. Everybody is entitled to their own ridiculous opinions, and so am I. I respect Kangana for her body of work.”

Shekhar says he never made the comment on how Kangana kept her kitchen fires burning. “Adhyayan would be very upset with me if I ever said anything like that. He was there at the discussion and smiling at me because he knows how fiery his dad can be.”

Mohit refuses to comment on the actress. All he says, is, “Why am I always involved in stories about Kangana? I was nervous about Raaz 2, a little tipsy and talking to my colleague Kunal Deshmukh when Suman stepped in and the conversation became heated. But Shekhar was talking to me like a father to a son. It has all been blown out of proportion.”

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