Shekhar Suman’s car-nama

Shekhar Suman surprised his son Adhyayan on his 21st birthday by presenting him a lavish BMW 7 series. Shekhar told DNA that his son is a car freak and wanted this model for a long time.

“Adhyayan has a fascination for cars and he is crazy about the BMW 7 series cars. He wanted this car for a long time but I had told him that I cannot gift him this since it’s so damn expensive. He was little upset but I thought that he shouldn’t be given something like this just for the sake of giving him a gift. He should be worthy of such a gift and earn it from me. Then he will learn to treasure everything that is special. He has worked very hard in Jashn and Raaz 2 and I have been impressed at his dedication,” the proud dad says.

Shekhar adds, “I wish him all the very best in all quarters of his life on his birthday. I and my wife had not told him about the car earlier. We had kept it a secret. None of his friends knew about it as we wanted to cherish the look on his face when he sees his dream car parked in the lobby.”

Shekhar has also thrown a birthday party for his son.

“He deserves all of it. I want to see him reach the pinnacle of success. Our blessing are with him.”

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