Shopping tips for make up products

Make-up can cleverly be used to achieve near perfect features, without making it apparent that you actually have a layer of foundation, powder, lipstick , eye shadow and blush on your face. Invisible make-up is the latest trick that experts are using to highlight the facial features (un)naturally.

Guidelines and Tips for shopping makeup products
Before getting started, it’s essential that you have the right products in the correct shade. Though this make-up type goes very well with an even-toned, smooth skin , other skin types can also go for the invisible look by using the right shades of foundation, concealer and powder. Shopping guidelines

Always buy your make-up products in natural daylight. Since it contains both ultra violet and infra red light, the shade can be matched to perfec tion. Store lights, which are generally yellow, can affect the shade or colour.

To achieve this effect, buy a shade of concealer, foun dation and compact that’s closest or of your skin colour. The foundation and concealer can either be in cream or liquid form. They should match the skin tone. Sometimes you may need to mix more than one shade to get the right shade. Dab a dot in the middle of your forehead and blend it in.

The compact powder or translucent powder should be very fine, with a touch of shimmer, so that it reflects light and gives a polished skin effect.

Foundation Base
Use very little foundation. You can even mist your face after applying it and then dab it with some tissue. This will remove the excess foundation. Cover blotches with a concealer. Set with just a light pat of translucent powder or compact.

The idea is to give life to your eyes. The most important thing that highlights beautiful eyes is well-groomed and well-shaped eyebrows.

If you have spaces in between your eyebrows, cover them with a dark brown pow der eye shadow. Apply skin coloured concealer on the eye lids and set with translucent powder. Now use skin coloured shimmer eye shadow . You can also go for light peach or light brown. Use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes and apply transparent or nonclumping mascara.

A brown pencil in a shade darker than your skin can be used to outline the under eye and smudge it at the outer crease. Do up the lower lashes with transparent or nonclumping mascara.

Now use a zero number natural hair paint brush to draw a fine line on your upper lid, close to the hair roots. The line should be as good as invisible.

Cover them with a slight touch of foundation. Use a lip pencil in nude or skin colours to draw the outline and use the same pencil to fill in colour. Apply transparent lip gloss .

A good way to give your lips a natural non made-up look is to fill in colour with a light lip pencil and then top it with lip balm. This works very well.

Just a small dot of nude lipstick or peach cream blush would do. Blend it well into the skin, going upwards from the middle of the cheek towards the temple and sides of the cheek bone.

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