How to apply make up for warm skin, dark hair

Your skin tone can carry off burnished browns, warm reds and earthy shades beautifully. They will complement your complexion and emphasize your features. Here are some tips on how to apply makeup for Warm Skin and dark Hair.

How to Apply Makeup
1. Applying Foundation – Dot liquid foundation onto your skin and blend the colour into your neckline for a natural effect. Then apply concealer to any blamishes.

2. Applying Powder – Pay your face with translucent loose powder, then fluff off the excess with a large, soft brush.

3. Use a sponge-tipped eyeshadow applicator to sweep a red-brown shadow over your entire eyelid. The advantage of the sponge over a brush is that it does not flick colour around.

4. Your eyebrows need subtle emphasis for this look. Either pencil them in with soft strokes of brown eyebrow pencil, or use a brown eyeshadow for a softer effect. Brush and then slick the hairs in place.

5. Applying Powder Blusher – Opt for a warm, tawny brown shade of powder blusher, dusted over your cheecks and up towards you temples. As this colour is quite strong you may need to tone it down a little with transculent loose powder.

6. Applying lipstick – A fiery red lipstick balances the overall look. Use a lip brish to ensure you fill in every tiny crease and crevice on the lip surface – this can help your lipstick colour stay put for longer as well as create a perfect finish.

This Look and Makeup Tips suits you if –
* you have mid to dark brown hair
* your eyes are brown, dark blue, grey, hazel or green

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